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Contact SellerCloud Support if you need help with this integration. You can direct any questions to our Support team by email or ticket or enroll in Premium Support with a dedicated representative to walk you through the entire process.

OJ Commerce can be integrated with SellerCloud through plugins. These need to be set using scheduled tasks:

  • Tracking export  – Exports tracking information to OJCommerce in EDI 856 format.
  • Order Import – Imports order info from OJCommerce in EDI 850 file.
  • Product Export – Exports inventory to OJCommerce into EDI 846 file format.
  • Invoice Order Export – invoice Order export EDI 810.
  • Order Export – Order export to OJCommerce in EDI 855 format
Follow these general instructions to set up a plugin integration. Keep in mind that unlike other channels, this particular integration has SellerCloud receiving order information and also receiving tracking information, so the task types must correspond with this.

Required custom columns


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