Sell on SquareUp

SquareUp is a Point of Sale Website integrated in SellerCloud through a Website Cart integration using their API.

SquareUp Integration

  1. First you need to get API Access Token from SquareUp. You have to be logged as admin > go to Apps > My Apps > Developers Portal. Create a new application if you do not have one already. Copy the Personal Access Token and save it.
  2. In SellerCloud navigate to your company Toolbox and select Website General Settings. Set store type to Custom and Store Plugin to SquareUp. If the plugin is not uploaded on your server, contact SellerCloud Support.
  3. Navigate to the Toolbox SellerCloud Plugin WebsiteWebSite Cart Settings. Select the plugin (SquareUp).
  4. Enter  as Website URL. Enter your API Access Token from step 1. Save your settings.
  5. Select Test Settings from the Action Menu. On successful authentication the API Location ID will display on top. Copy and enter it in the related field on the bottom.
  6. Enable the Write To Log In Detail checkbox and Save your settings.
  7. Go back to the Website General Settings (step 2) and enable Inventory, Price, New Product upload and Order Download.


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