ShipBridge Overview

ShipBridge is a robust solution to the everyday tasks associated with shipping.

ShipBridge imports paid orders from numerous channels, such as Amazon, eBay,, Newegg, etc., into a single interface where they can all be fulfilled. Shipbridge allows users to set shipping rules based on package weight and other criteria while offering the flexibility to make changes to the number of packages, addresses, and customs information of any given order.
Orders that are retrieved from their respective channels can be easily shipped via USPS, FedEx, and UPS without leaving the ShipBridge interface. We work closely with the shipping carriers to ensure that ShipBridge maintains its compatibility with their latest technologies to keep the shipping process as simple as possible.
You can download the latest ShipBridge version from the SellerCloud Support Portal under Applications.

ShipBridge currently integrates with the following shipping carriers:

There are a number of different ways of using ShipBridge depending on your business workflow. There is an option to do batch shipping as well as scan and ship, where each product is scanned out to ensure the proper items are shipped.



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