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Shipped by Newegg (SBN) Account Integration


Shipped by Newegg.com (SBN) is a fulfillment service that is both efficient and price-conscious.

There are three steps to start using this feature:

  • Set up your SBN seller account (one-time task)
  • Create an SBN shipment
  • Generate a shipping label
You may want to use the buy shipping labels from Newegg feature for Newegg orders instead of SBN.

Set up your SBN account

After you complete this setup, you can start to create SBN shipments:

  1. Go to Settings > Warehouses > click Add New Warehouse.
  2. Enter a Newegg warehouse name, and in the Type dropdown field, select Newegg > click Save.
  3. To map the warehouse, go to Company Settings > choose the company > Toolbox > click Channel Warehouse.
  4. At the bottom of the page, click the SBN field and set the value to this Newegg warehouse name > click Save Settings.

Create an SBN shipment

  1. Go to Inventory > Newegg.com Inbound Shipments > click Create new Shipment.
  2. Choose the Company to create the shipment for > enter the shipment Description > click Continue.
  3. On the new Shipment # page > click Add Items.
  4. In the Add Items to Newegg Shipment window > use the Search For field to find the item for the shipment > Search.
    1. Select the product > click Add Products to add the item to the shipment.
  5. On the Shipment page > click Action Menu > Preview > Go. This action shows the destination address and the shipment status as “Previewed.”
  6. Click the box icon to open the Manage Boxes page > enter dimensions/weight of the package to send to Newegg > click Update.
  7. Click the Shipment # to open the shipment > click Action Menu > click Ship Items > Go.
  8. On the Ship Items page, ensure the To Warehouse field is set to your Newegg warehouse. (You can also go to your Newegg Seller Portal (requires login) to see the shipment you created in Sellercloud with a “Preparing” status in your shipment list.).
  9. On the Ship Items page, choose the Shipping Method and the Shipping Carrier for the shipment to Newegg SBN > select the package > click Ship Items.
    1. When selecting a Shipping Method, choose between Small Parcel Delivery or Less than TruckLoad (LTL).
    2. When selecting a Shipping Carrier, you can choose Newegg Partnered Carrier if using partnered carriers or any of the non-partnered carriers such as UPS, FedEx, etc.

      Shipped by Newegg

Create an SBN shipping label

  1. On the Shipment # page with a Shipped status > click Action Menu > Download Labels > Go.
  2. Click Re-Get Labels from Newegg to generate a shipping label for the package.

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