SellerCloud integrates with Shipsurance, a popular discount shipping insurance provider. With Shipsurance you can lower your shipping costs with discounts of up to 90% on parcel and cargo insurance, when compared to major carrier insurance rates. For example, the US Postal Service charges a $2.45 rate per $100 declared value. For a package valued at $300, you would pay $7.35 for coverage. When purchasing coverage through Shipsurance, you can get a rate of just 55 cents per $100 declared value. Your payment for a $300 package can be at just $1.65!

Shipsurance’s rates are based on $100.00 units. In the example above, there are 3 units of $100. When a package is valued at $350.00, there would be four units of $100.00 and you would pay accordingly.

Because many carriers provide coverage for the first $100 at no cost, ShipBridge looks at the carrier selection and purchases insurance accordingly. For example, if you are shipping through UPS, ShipBridge would only request insurance for the remaining units. If you are shipping through the US Postal Service, ShipBridge will request insurance on the entire declared value.

Aside from the actual savings, you can benefit from the coverage provided by Shipsurance when shipping through non-traditional carriers who don’t offer their own insurance. And of course, Shipsurance integrates with all traditional carriers as well, including UPS, FedEx, the US Postal Service, Canada Post, and DHL – for small parcels or heavy freight. See attached pricing sheet for rates.

Integration with Shipsurance will automatically apply insurance to each package at the time of shipping.

Currently, integration is accomplished via installing a customized ShipBridge plugin. You would need to contact SellerCloud Support and request the shipsurance plug in. The plug in will contain your account information and your specific insurance criteria. For example, you can request insurance only for packages valued over a set dollar amount. You can also limit insurance when shipping to particular locations, like specified countries.

o install the plug in into ShipBridge:

  1. Menu > Plugins.
  2. Click Install Plug In and
    select plugin file.
  3. Enable the plugin by checking the Plugin checkbox.
  4. Save.

To file a claim, click on this link here and complete the

To check on a claims status click on this link here.


ShipSurance Pricing Sheet.pdf

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