Split by Warehouse Plugin

Split by Warehouse is a function offered through a Sellercloud post-order plugin that will check the preferred warehouses and ship from them.

To obtain this plugin, contact Sellercloud Support and request installation on your server.

The plugin will check for quantities in the first warehouse:

  • If available, it will ship from there;
  • If unavailable, it moves to the next warehouse on the list and checks there, then the third, etc.


You must configure the custom warehouse setting and enable the post-order plugin for each company in your account:

  1. Click the company’s Custom Company Settings > WarehouseIDs In Order Of Preference field.
  2. Enter the IDs of the warehouses to ship from in order of preference, separated by semicolons with no spaces:
    Example: 143;234;346;756
  3. Click Save ALL Settings.
  4. To enable the installed plugin, click the company’s Toolbox > Product Defaults > choose the plugin from the Order Post Action Plugin dropdown field > Save.

In the Client Settings > enable Run Post order plugin on Replacement Orders to include replacement orders in the post-order plugin’s workflow.

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