Storing FBA Inbound Shipping Costs in Order Items P&L

When shipping package information is imported into Sellercloud from Amazon, Sellercloud will import the total shipping cost per label, and divide the shipping cost to each unit in that shipment.

If you want to include this shipping cost data in the order’s P&L, you can create a shipping cost adjustment.

To create the adjustment:

  1. Click Inventory > FBA Inbound Shipment > Shipment # > Search.
  2. Click the shipment’s ID to open it.
  3. Click Action Menu > Shipping Costs > Go. Here, you will see the shipment’s cost information:

          Shipping Cost – Total shipping cost (you can manually Update that field here)
    Total Units – Total quantity of items shipped
    Per Unit Shipping Cost – Shipping cost for each item in the shipment

  4. To create the adjustment, return to the main shipment page > click Action Menu > Shipping Costs adjustments on Orders > Go. This will show all orders that came in after the shipment was received by FBA, and that have this product ID and are fulfilled by FBA:
  5. Select the orders to which to apply the adjustments > enter the adjustments in the Shipping Cost Adjustment field > click Save Adjustments. The adjustments will appear in the Existing Adjustments column:
  6. Adjustments will also appear on the order’s P&L tab, below.
    Note: An order’s Adjustments field may include all types of adjustments, not just adjustments to shipping orders.

  7. An order’s Adjustments cannot be edited in an order; to revise a Shipping Cost adjustment, click the Adjustments figure to open the pop-up shown below.
    1. From the Type dropdown, select “FBA Shipping Cost Adjustment.”
    2. Select the adjustment ID > Action Menu > Delete > Go. This removes the shipping cost adjustment so you can re-enter it (as described in Step 5 above):

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