Tanga Account Integration


Tanga is an American online retail company that offers great daily deals on different goods.

Integrate with Tanga

You can integrate with Tanga by setting up the API connection. To configure the API connection you will need to obtain all the necessary information from the Tanga vendor portal.

Integrating your Tanga account with Sellercloud can be done with a few simple steps:

  1. Go to Company Settings >  Toolbox > Tanga > General Settings.
  2. Check Tanga Enabled.
  3. Fill in UserName, Password, Vendor ID fields.
  4. Test the setting connection: Go to Action menu > Test settings.

Tanga Enabled

Tanga Settings Explained

Below you can find detailed information on the Tanga channel settings.

Setting Description
Tanga Enabled Makes products available for Tanga listing.
UserName The name of your company on the Tanga vendor portal.
Password The password you use to log into the Tanga vendor portal.
Vendor ID A number created by Tanga automatically on your sign up.
Default Safety Qty The number of items that will not be set to the channel in order to prevent overselling.

For more information read here.

Default Fixed Qty Use this option for replenishable products to set a default number of items that will always be available on the channel.
Enable Order Download Enable this setting to let Tanga orders be downloaded to Sellercloud.
Enable Fulfillment Upload Enable this setting to let Tanga upload tracking and shipping date from  Sellercloud.
Enable Inventory Upload Enable this setting to let Tanga upload inventory information from  Sellercloud.

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