USPS Tab Overview

ShipBridge can print USPS postage through Endicia’s ELS or through DaZzle, Endicia’s desktop application. See the sub-pages how to configure with each option. Endicia requires 2 separate accounts for customers who need to operate with both DaZzle and ELS.
  • Endicia ELS allows customers to print postage from within the SellerCloud application without having to install and configure other desktop shipping applications.
  • DaZzle is one of the most popular programs used to print postage for USPS shipments. ShipBridge offers a full integration with Dazzle which allows our customers the freedom to take full advantage of Dazzle’s label layout files and other nice features, including printing logos on shipping labels, while never having to manually open DaZzle to print or modify the shipping labels.
Unless you need Dazzle’s features, we recommend using ELS. Communicating directly with ELS allows you to void labels from ShipBridge by unshipping the order. Additionally, adding another layer of software can increases the risk of malfunction.

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