View/Edit your Rakuten Listings

Note: Rakuten is still referred to in SellerCloud by its former name,

View your Rakuten listings on the Manage Inventory page by searching in mode:

  1. Inventory > Search Inventory > Advanced Filters.
  2. Mode field > BuyDotCom > Search.
  3. Narrow your results by choosing a status from the field.
  • Edit the listing from this page: Action Menu > Edit Values > Update on
  • To disable a product: Either uncheck Enabled on the Product Detail page, or choose Disable for from the Manage Inventory page.
Products that are disabled for Rakuten will not appear in automatic inventory updates if you choose to exclude them (Settings > Client Settings > Exclude disabled products from inventory updates). If this setting is not selected, Sellercloud will send inventory updates for all items.
  • Clicking the product name opens the Product Detail page for further editing

Checking the Exported to box on General Settings will enable a filtered search by products that have been posted on

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