Viewing your eBay Listings and Products

View your eBay listings at Inventory > eBay Listings. This page will show all listings, but you can filter them by selecting from the search fields.

  • Clicking the product’s Title will open the product’s eBay Posting page where you can edit the listing.
  • Clicking the Product ID will open the Product page where you can edit the product.
  • Clicking the eBay ID will open the eBay page where the product has been posted.

You can perform several tasks from this page’s Action Menu, including ending a listing, scheduling a revision, and exporting eBay listings to an Excel file.

View your products that are listed on eBay on the Manage Inventory page by choosing eBay in the Mode field of the Advanced Search. You can also select Posted & Active from the eBay dropdown field. The search results return listings that are on ebay’s Active Listing Report.

SellerCloud periodically runs a service that looks at products in the reports and marks them as Posted & Active, etc. Therefore, you may have products that have been recently posted, but will not be included in the Posted & Active search results.


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