Walmart Repricer

SellerCloud has a built-in repricer designed to help you with the Walmart Buy Box. The repricer automatically retrieves the current buy box prices and attempts to reprice your listing 1 cent lower.

It is using the following calculation:  If the current sale price > BuyBoxPrice + Shipping, then the new Walmart price = BuyBoxPrice + Shipping – $0.01.
You can set a minimum price condition that the price should never go lower than a set percentage of the Site Cost. (e.g. 120% – if SiteCost is $100, min price to sell on is $120)
Please Note: The repricer only lowers the price. It will not raise the price.

On the Walmart Properties page use the following fields to configure the repricing per product:
  • Enable Repricing
  • Stop Loss Price Percent: ___ (percentage of Site Cost)
Bulk update using the following column headers:
  • WalmartAPIEnableAutoRepricing
  • WalmartAPIStopLossPricePercent

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