waytopay.me and Square Integration

Sellercloud’s waytopay.me application is an easy, fast, and secure way to facilitate order payments using a unique link sent from the seller to the buyer. Customers simply click the link to pay for their order using their phone or email and can check on their order’s status using that same link.

Payment transactions, which are instantly applied in Sellercloud, can go through Square (“SquareUp”), which offers secure online payment processing for your ecommerce website.

To configure a company’s waytopay.me account with Square:

  1. Log into your waytopay.me account.
  2. Click on the company to connect with Square.
    waytopay.me companies
  3. Click Select CC Processor.
    waytopay.me select credit card processor
  4. From the CC Processor field, select SquareUp from the dropdown list. Note: If Squareup Processor is not shown, please submit a Sellercloud Support ticket to add it on your server.
    waytopay.me square up credit card processor
  5. Click Connect to open the SquareUp login page.
    waytopay.me square login page
  6. Log into Square. Your account will be connected to waytopay.me.
  7. Select the credit cards for which you want to accept payments.
    waytopay.me integrated with square credit card processor

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