Weight and Dimensions In ShipBridge

The weight and dimension fields in ShipBridge can auto populate from product data in SellerCloud. Different values can populate based on settings and order types. Weight an DIM can also be entered manually in ShipBridge or read from a scale.


Navigate Menu > Option > Shipping. Locate the setting Always recalculate order weight based on product/item weight.

  1. When setting is enabled:
    • Single item orders pull from the ship weight of the product.
    •  Multi-item orders calculate the total weight based on the product weight of all the products.
  2.  When setting is not enabled, the weight on the order – Est. Shipping weight on the Shipping Tab – will be used. The Est weight is provided by the sales channel and can often be inaccurate.


  • Single SKU order – will pull from the shipping dimensions of the product.
  • Multi SKU order – Will not populate with any dimensions.
  • When a package type has been selected, the dimension of the package type can be auto populated. Navigate Menu > Options > Shipping. Enable setting Use CWA package type dimensions where possible.

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