Wholesale Customers Overview

Wholesale customers can be configured under the Customers tab. Add the customer and configure the following settings:

  1. Mark customer as Wholesale Customer – to auto mark orders from the customer as wholesale.
  2. Allow Shipping unpaid orders – to allow order to be shipped without payment, as wholesale customer pay periodically.
  3. Tax exempt – Mark as tax exempt to prevent applying tax from local order.
  4. Cost Plus Wholesale Price – to price the product by a percent margin based on the average cost of the product. The percent can be unique for every wholesale customer.
  5. Global Discount – Discount will be applied to the regular wholesale price set on the product home page.
  6. Site price based discount – Discount will be applied to the site price set on the product home page.
  7. Apply shipping charges to order total – Will apply the shipping charges incurred by you to the order total.
  8. Credit Term – the amount of time extended to to the customer to pay.
  9. Credit Limit – configure amount of credit extended in the payment term.
  10. Billing cycle date – Select a billing cycle date to begin the credit term.
  11. Default shipping carrier and method – To apply on order when created.
  12. Shipping charges – Default shipping charges to be applied for every order from customer.
  13. Customer shipping account – Will apply charges directly to the customer’s UPS account. Currently this only works for UPS. The default carrier must be set to UPS to enter the UPS account
  14. Per Customer Invoice Selection – Invoices can be created for specific customers through an invoice plugin.
  15. Order Handling Fee – Default handling fee to be applied to every order from customer.

Wholesale pricing can be set uniquely per product for each wholesale customer. Read more here.

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