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The instructions below describe how to configure a FedEx carrier, including per-company configuration.

If you don’t have a FedEx account yet, the corresponding section of this article will help you to create one. You can use FedEx Web Services or FedEx Ship Manager PassPort as the shipping generator.

This article describes each configuration in its separate section.

Configure FedEx ShipManager

  1. Download ShipManager from
  2. Navigate to Customize > System Settings > Modify.  Newer versions may not have this option. In that case, contact your FedEx rep to have your Passport Settings enabled. 
  3. Click the FedEx Express Admin tab. 
  4. Enter password. 
  5. In the top right of the form, see the Passport Settings section.  
  6. Check the Batch and Automatic Passport Listening boxes. Automatic listening option is under Customize > System Settings > FedEx Express admin tab.
  7. Now, you will see Passport in the header menu, which will direct you to a form where you can set the listing folder, etc. If you don’t see the Passport tab, contact FedEx to enable that on your account. 
  8. In Shipbridge, go to Menu > Options > Carriers > FedEx and check Use FedEx ShipManager PassPort.
  9. Enter your FedEx account. 
  10. Click Test Label. fedex

PDF documentation for FedEx Shipmanager can be found here 

Other FexEx ShipManager Settings 

  • Override Default Sender Name and Address – Can be used when shipping orders from multiple companies. The label will print with the sender’s information based on the order’s company. 
  • Override Label Format – Can be used to control which label format is used by FedEx ShipManager. For example, the standard label shows a summary of charges in the top corner, but there are other formats that hide the fee information. 

Configure FedEx Web Services 

Configuring FedEx Web Services is a simple and seamless process in Shipbridge. Using this feature requires deselecting the setting Fedex Disable Parent Credentials on ShipBridge’s Admin tab. Contact Sellercloud Support for assistance. 

I have a FedEx Account 

If you already have an account and simply want to add another one, follow the steps below. 

  1. Click the Don’t use FedEx radio button. 
  2. Click Save.
  3. Clear the Account #Meter #API Key, and API Password fields. 
  4. Click the Use FedEx Web Services radio button.
  5. Click the Register button that now appears and follow Steps 5-7 below. 

I Do Not Have a FedEx Account 

The procedure below is for setting up a FedEx web services account for the first time.  Adding another account will not affect your existing FedEx account. 

  1. Click Menu > Options > CarriersFedEx tab. 
  2. Click the Use FedEx Web Services radio button. The screen refreshes with the Web Services options. 
  3. Do not complete the Account #, Meter #, API Key, or API Password fields. FedEx will automatically populate all of these fields for you after you click Register and complete the steps below. 
  4. Click Register.Register
  5. Read and accept the license agreement and click Continue. 
  6. The FedEx Registration form appears; complete all its required fields. 
    The address must be the current Account Details address registered with FedEx.

    FedEdx Registration

  7. Click Register. FedEx will automatically populate the four account fields in Shipbridge and send all of your information to Sellercloud. 

Configure Per-Company Shipping 

Different shipping credentials can be set in Shipbridge for each company. This can be useful to organize your workflow and have different shipping options. 

  • In Shipbridge, go to Menu Options > Carriers tab. 
  • For each of the available carriers (USP, FedEx, DLH, etc..) in the related tab, there is the Per-company configuration button. The setup is similar for all carriers, but the required credentials will be specific to the carrier. 

Example for FedEx: 

  1. Go to Menu Options Carriers Fed Ex.
  2. Click on the Per-company configuration and enable the check box on top.FedEx per-company configuration
  3. Click the Edit button for the company in question and enter your credentials.FedEx credentials
  4. Test the credentials before you save them to ensure they are correctly filled. 

Ship with FedEx SmartPost 

FedEx SmartPost is a cost-effective FedEx shipping service that uses the U.S. Postal Service for final delivery. 

  1. Connect your FedEx account through Webservices or ShipManager. 
  2. Select the SmartPost Hub with which your account is associated (the hub to where your shipment will be initially processed). 
  3. Set a SmartPost Endorsement type as preferred. For Standard Mail shipments, only one Ancillary Endorsement is permitted when delivery confirmation is requested: RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED or ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED. No other Endorsement type will be permitted. 
  4. The SmartPost tracking number should be set to use the USPS tracking (FedEx Tab in Shipbridge). This number will be traceable on the FedEx website. 
  5. Set up your printers to print SmartPost labels for their various shipping methods with the Label Printer Configuration. 

Third-Party SmartPost Shipper Accounts 

Some channels require you to ship under their FedEx SmartPost account. This is different than third-party billing where you are shipping under your account, but billing to a third-party account. 

If this is required by the channel, set up a separate web service for the channel using the Per-Company Configuration. You must create a separate company under which you will ship those orders. Per-company configuration


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