Integrating Power BI and Sellercloud Platforms

Understanding platform integration requirements

Power BI platform integration is only supported on dedicated servers​. If you are on a shared server you will need to upgrade to a dedicated server. You will need a VPN account to connect to SQL Server with read-only access. Please contact the SellerCloud support team to install the VPN connection and supply you with the credentials needed to connect to the network.

Understanding how to create a Microsoft 365 account

To use the Power BI online service you should create a Microsoft 365 account.  at

  1. Go to​.
  2. Create an Administrator user using your company domain name email (​).
  3. Create a ​Tenant​ in Microsoft 365 as a container for all domain users.
  4. Microsoft 365 will then ask you to create a txt DNS record to confirm you are the owner of that domain.

Additional users can sign up on using their company domain name email. They will
automatically be added as a user in Microsoft Office 365.

Understanding installation of Sellercloud components

The SellerCloud support team will install the required SC components on your SQL Server instance to interact with Power BI. This includes Stored Procedures (PBI schema) and Scheduled Tasks that together create and update the summary data (PBI schema tables) needed for Power BI reports and dashboards.

Understanding how to download and install Power BI Desktop

Navigate to and follow the instructions in the following images to download the installer. Once it is downloaded, install the PBI Desktop on your local machine.

  1. Click on See Download or Language Options.
    downloading options for power bi desktop application
  2.  Select language > Click Download.
    select language power bi download
  3. Select PBIDesktopSetup_x64.exe > Click Next. Downloading will start automatically.
    power bi desktop setup file download
  4. Open the file and follow the steps to install the Power BI Desktop app.

Understanding how to use the Power BI Sellercloud sales template

You can download the SellerCloud Sales template file (Sales.pbit) from​.

Double Click on the template file to open it in Power BI Desktop. You will need to configure the Data Source Settings in Power BI Desktop to connect to the SQL server. Once you are authenticated you can click on the Refresh button and import data from the SQL server into the desktop application. You can change and customize the existing template reports or create new reports. You should save your changes and data to a file named Sales.pbix.

  1. When you open the template file click the Cancel button when the following screen appears (it
    may take a few seconds before it appears).
    initial log in power bi
  2. Click Close on the next screen.
    refresh options in power bi
  3. Select Edit Queries from the menu > Click Data Source Settings from the sub-menu.
    edit queries in power bi
  4. Click Change Source.
    data source settings power bi
  5. Enter your server’s IP address as the Server ID and the database name (usually SC) > Click Ok.
    sql server database power bi
  6. Click Edit Permissions > Click Edit.
    edit preferences in data source settings
  7. Select Database tab > Enter user credentials for SQL Server > Click Save.
  8. Click Ok > Click Refresh to import data from SQL Server. You should save any changes and data to a file named Sales.pbix.


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