Updating Walmart Marketplace Integration to Open Authorization

Walmart requires all users integrate with their Walmart Marketplace accounts using the open authorization token. This can be done in Sellercloud by following these steps:

  1. Click your company Settings > Toolbox > Walmart Marketplace > General Settings.
  2. Select Enable access token based authentication at the top of the page.
  3. Two fields will appear:
    1. Access token Client Id
    2. Access token Client secret
  4. To retrieve these values, go to the Walmart Dev Center and click on Login. A popup will appear and you will select the US flag for Marketplace Seller Login. You can log in using the same credentials as you do for https://seller.walmart.com.
  5. Upon login, you will be redirected to https://developer.walmart.com/#/generateKey. These are not the API keys you need.
  6. From the top, click on your user and choose the option “Delegate Access.”
  7. There will be a dropdown to choose the Solution Providers supported by Walmart. From this dropdown, select “Sellercloud” and set all dropdowns to either Full Access or View only (if that’s the only option).

  8. Once complete, click the API Key link and a popup will appear including your new credentials:

  9. Copy these fields and place them into the fields mentioned above (3a and 3b), then click Save Settings.
  10. Go to the Action Menu > click Get New Access Token > Save Settings.

Important Note: Many have experienced issues with the settings from step #7 (above) changing within Walmart after being properly configured. Please be sure to monitor these immediately after updating to the Open Authentication integration, and if you an interruption in the communication with Walmart, please review these settings.

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