Applying Tax to Local Orders

Tax can be automatically applied to local orders. Under Settings > Company Settings > Company Name > Toolbox > Taxes – create tax percentage per state, or even per zip code, by clicking Add New Tax. See the TaxJar page on how to automatically update tax on orders and submit tax filings.

  • Tax rates are rounded to the third decimal place. For example 0.0775 would round to 0.078.
  • The tax on the order can be cleared by clicking Edit Order and then  Clear Tax.
  • By default, all products will be taxed. However, you can set products to be tax exempt on the product home page by checking the Tax Exempt checkbox. This field can be bulk updated using the column header TaxExempt.
  • POSBridge orders will be taxed based on the rate set in POSBridge.

This setting may also affect wholesale orders and website orders. Be aware that this can often lead to a double charge of tax on the order because tax is typically configured on the website. Use the following client settings to control to which order type the tax rate is applied:

  • Stop Calculating Taxes for Website orders.
  • Stop Calculating Taxes for LocalStore orders.
  • Stop Calculating Taxes for WholeSale orders.

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