Configure Order Tax


Sellercloud automatically applies taxes for all US orders. You can configure tax rates that automatically apply to non-US, local store, and wholesale orders separately.

Order Types

Your Client Settings offer options to control what order types you apply tax rates to. These settings affect all Local Store, Wholesale, and Website orders:

  • Stop Calculating Taxes for LocalStore order
  • Stop Calculating Taxes for WholeSale orders
  • Stop Calculating Taxes for Website orders
    • Note: Enabling this setting can often lead to a double tax charge on orders because tax is typically configured on the website.

Apply Tax

Local Store and Wholesale orders that match the related Country and State will have their taxes set to your specified rate. To add custom tax rates one by one:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Companies > Manage Companies > click the company.
  3. Click Toolbox and select Taxes.
  4. Click Add New Tax.
  5. Add the Country, State, County, Zip/Postal Code, and Tax Rate. Optionally, check the Do not charge tax on shipping box.
  6. Click Save Tax.

Additionally, you can bulk import tax rates. Click Download Sample and fill out the template. Then save it, click Choose File, select it, and click Import Taxes.

Tax Details

Review the following important details about tax handling:

  • Sellercloud rounds tax rates to the third decimal place. For example, 0.0775 would round to 0.078.
  • There is a tax on all products by default. However, you can set products to be tax-exempt by checking the Tax Exempt on the product home page checkbox. You can bulk update this using the column header TaxExempt.
  • You can clear the tax on an order by clicking Edit Order and then Clear Tax.
  • POSBridge orders will be taxed based on the rate set in POSBridge.
  • See the TaxJar article for information on automatically updating tax on orders and submitting tax filings.

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