Company Settings Overview

Understanding the Company Settings page

This page is separate from the Client Settings page. The Client Settings page focuses on your customer settings, while the Company Settings page deals with your company alone. (If you have multiple companies, each one has its own Company Settings page; see below.)

This page lets you configure company-wide settings, like marketplace credentials, company profile per channel, company groups, email templates, scheduled tasks, and more with a simple click. You can manage all these features through your company toolbox.

You can easily monitor any changes made to the settings by accessing the Change Log. This log lets you see all changes made on a company level (including all the channels) and who made the change.

You can even create a new company on this page. Configuring multiple companies to operate independently of each other comes with some significant perks, such as when you own several companies or you want multiple marketplace accounts.

  • Owning several companies: When different products are marketed under different companies, you can create a completely different branding for each company including invoices, logos, templates, listing defaults and more.
  • Creating multiple marketplace accounts: Separate companies are required when selling on multiple accounts for a single channel. For example, if you sell on both Amazon US and Amazon UK, different marketplace credentials and API credentials are required for each in order to upload products and download orders. With multiple companies, Amazon US can be controlled from one company and Amazon UK from another.

Accessing the Company Settings page

Accessing company settings is quick and easy on both of Sellercloud’s interfaces.

Delta interface: Company Settings

  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > Select your company.
  2. Go to Toolbox and scroll to see all your options.sellercloud delta company settings
  3. Optional: You can click the Star icon next to your Toolbox selection to save your selection to the Company Settings home page. sellercloud company settings delta

Alpha interface: Company Settings

  1. Go to Settings > Company Settings > Select your company.
  2. Go to Toolbox and scroll to see all your options.sellercloud company settings original interface alpha

The Channel Credentials Alert Setting is a company setting only available in Sellercloud’s original interface. This setting lets you select a specific channel(s) or enter a global default email address that will affect all enabled integrations. To enable:

  1. Settings > Select your company > Toolbox > Channel Credentials Alert Setting > Enter your per-channel email or default email > Save Setting. Show me an example.

If enabled, you may receive a false warning message if there is a temporary problem on the channel end and Sellercloud receives an authentication error. If you receive:

  • A warning message > Go to that channel’s settings page and test your credentials.
    • Go to Settings > Select your company > Toolbox > Select your channel > General Settings.
    • If your credentials authenticate successfully, please disregard the warning. Contact Sellercloud Support if you receive warning emails often and your credentials do authenticate each time you test.
  • An error message > Reach out to the channel directly to investigate further.


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