Bonanza Orders Overview


In Sellercloud, you can enable Bonanza order downloads and export tracking data to update the order status on the channel.

Automate Bonanza Order Download and Tracking Export

  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > Open a company.
  2. In the Toolbox, select Bonanza > General Settings > Edit.
  3. In the Controls panel, check Enable Order Download. The order download feed runs approximately every 60 minutes.
  4. Check Enable Tracking Export. Tracking and ship dates will automatically be sent to update the order status on Bonanza in the next feed, which runs approximately every 60 minutes.
  5. Click Save.Bonanza controls panel

Refund a Bonanza Order

For Bonanza orders marked as shipped in Sellercloud, you can issue a refund. To do this:

  1. Go to Orders > Manage Orders > Open an order.
  2. On the Order Detail page, select Actions > Issue Refund.
  3. Enter the amount to refund > Add notes > Click Refund. Line-item refunds and partial refunds are allowed.Newegg refund
  4. Sellercloud will submit refund information via the Bonanza API and adjust the order payment status.
  5. After the refund has been processed, Bonanza will refund the commission.

Cancel a Bonanza Order

Canceling Bonanza must be done on the Bonanza seller portal, as there is no API call available for canceling. After canceling the order on Bonanza, set the order as canceled in Sellercloud.

  1. Go to Orders > Manage Orders > Open an order.
  2. On the Order Details page, go to Actions > Set Cancelled Internally > Yes.Cancel Bonanza order

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