Creating a Purchase Manifest

The Purchase Manifest is a function used mainly by sellers who purchase large quantities of returns or open box items in bulk. The purpose of a manifest is:

  • To create SKUs in SellerCloud that do not exist
  • For the Manifest Cost, prorates/divides the cost based from the item’s MSRP
  1. Enable the Client Setting Enable Purchase Order Manifest.
  2. Click Inventory > Purchase manifest.
  3. Click Upload New Manifest, then you can download a template, populate it and then import it back into SellerCloud as a .txt file. If you see that a specific item will be discarded, you do not have to add the item to the manifest. The Purchase Manifest will be created.
  4. If the SKU doesn’t exist, it will be red. If you click on the SKU, it will show a page where you can add that SKU into SellerCloud either by Amazon or manually.
    1. Alternatively, if you have the ASINs populated in the imported file, you can create all SKUs that don’t currently exist in SellerCloud by clicking Create SKUs based on ASIN from the Action Menu of the manifest.
  5. Next, you can click Action Menu > Calculate Item Cost > Go.
  6. The last action is to click Create PO to actually create the PO.
  7. If any splitting of SKUs is required, that would happen after you receive the PO.

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