Kit Assembly Work Orders


Assembling a kit is the process of transferring quantities of a kit component to a kit parent.

With Sellercloud, you can create a kit assembly work order that gives your Skustack users clear “how-to” instructions on manually assembling a kit in your warehouse, which you can print out to a PDF file.

The process of adding a kit assembly work order is easy in Sellercloud!

  1. Add the products manually or upload them through a bulk-import.
  2. Choose the warehouse.
  3. Pick a date and time for completion.

You can also quickly manage all your assembly work orders by editing, closing, or deleting them right from the list.

Even if you are not a Skustack user, you can take advantage of this convenient feature in a couple of ways:

A) You want to create an FBA inbound shipment with kits. Simply add a new a kit assembly work order to auto-assemble the kit components in Sellercloud, so your warehouse team can pick them in order to proceed with the shipment process.
Note: Kit auto-assembly requires the Client Setting Auto Assemble Kit when adding to FBA Shipments.

B) You receive an Independent kit on a purchase order. Just give the printed work order instructions to your warehouse team so they can quickly assemble the kit in an accurate manner.
Note: All Components’ kits do not require assembly.

Add a kit assembly work order

  1. Click Inventory > Kit Assembly Work Orders > Add New Work Order.
  2. In the Work Order Type dropdown, choose Kit Assembly > Click on the calendar icon for a completion date/time.
    sellercloud save new kit assembly work order
  3. Add products to the work order in either of two ways:
  • Add products manually – Enter or find the product IDs > choose warehouse > enter the quantity > Click Save.
  • Bulk-import products – Click Download Sample > Complete the spreadsheet and save (show me a sample spreadsheet) > Click Choose File > Click Import.
    sellercloud kit assembly add or bulk-import kit components
  1. When the products appear in the list, you can take any of the following actions, as needed:
  • Delete a product from the list – Click Action Menu > Delete > Go
  • Change a product’s total quantity required – Click Edit to update
  • Print out the work order – Click Action Menu > Download PDF > Go (show me a work order)

Manage kit assembly work orders

In addition to adding new work orders, you can:

  • Search for work orders – By work order number, type, and status (open or closed)
  • Delete work orders – Select and click Action Menu > Delete > Go. This deletes them permanently.
  • Close work orders – Select and click Action Menu > Close > Go. This moves them into a closed list

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