Requesting an FTP or VAN from Sellercloud


An FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a standard method of transferring files from one system to another. This could be to exchange information between users or move information from a computer to an online server. It can be accessed from anywhere and organized into directories that act like folders on a computer. This makes it possible to use the same FTP for different purposes.

FTP is a faster, more cost-effective method of transferring files over the internet, making it a popular choice among business owners. However, because it does not encrypt data before transferring files, it is less secure than other communication methods.

Clients commonly use FTPs for setting up file transfer integrations, such as with a repricer or a vendor.

Requesting an FTP

Sellercloud Support can provide an FTP for a $37.50 one-time setup fee and a $30 monthly charge. When requesting an FTP, submit a ticket with written confirmation of the mentioned fees.


A VAN, or Value-Added Network, is a private network provider where EDI documents are transmitted and exchanged. This typically is done with the help of an FTP mailbox that is set up to act as an intermediary to store the data.

A VAN also gives users the ability to fully track communicated documents and backup or recover files when needed. This makes it a more secure method of transferring EDI documents.

Clients commonly use VANs requested through Sellercloud for EDI integrations that don’t go through a third party, such as CommerceHub.

Requesting a VAN

Sellercloud charges for any new VAN request.

The cost to set up a VAN connection is $100.00/month with no setup fee. This cost is set per connection. For example, integrating with a channel that uses 2 IDs for different document types will cost $200.00/month.

In order to request the creation of a new VAN connection, you must provide the ISA Qualifier and ISA ID (also known as the “EDI ID”) for both yourself and your trading partner (usually a channel or a vendor). Your Qualifier should be ZZ and your ID should be any of your phone numbers. Using a phone number ensures that the ID is unique. Your trading partner will provide their Qualifier and ID.

The process to set up a VAN connection is as follows:

  1. The client will provide Sellercloud with the necessary ISA Qualifiers and IDs as explained above, as well as written confirmation of the mentioned fees.
  2. Sellercloud will request the VAN connection setup.
  3. Once the connection is set up, Sellercloud will provide the client with the FTP mailbox credentials.


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