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CDiscount offers products at discount prices of home appliances, furniture and deco, computer, high-tech, telephony, and wines from major brands.

CDiscount integration

CDiscount is integrated with SellerCloud via API:

  1. Register as a seller on their site and get your credentials.
  2. Navigate to your company’s Toolbox > CDiscount > Generals Settings.

  3. Enter your credentials, save them and select Get Token from the Action Menu. The token should populate in the Access Token field if your credentials are correct.Note: If the token does not successfully validate, go to your CDiscount portal > Settings > Your Personal setting and bank details > Connection Information > Set up an account for API on “” Next, enter the credentials into the CDiscount General Settings page in SellerCloud.
  4. Enable the automated upload controls – Inventory, Price, Order, Tracking.
  5. Enable the channel from the checkbox on top.
Currently, SellerCloud does not support posting new products via CDiscount API.

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