Using UPS Web Services and ConnectShip

Introducing UPS Web Services and ConnectShip

In this article, you will find information on how to get all the necessary credentials and configure UPS Web Services and ConnectShip. 

Signing up for a UPS Account

You can easily sign up for a UPS Account in ShipBridge:

  1. Go to Menu > Options > Carriers > UPS.
  2. Select Use UPS Web Services.
  3. Press the button Sign Up for a UPS Account.sign up for UPS account from ShipBridge
  4. The dialog box will prompt you to sign the Terms and Conditions.UPS license agreement
  5. Fill in your company details and click Register.UPS register
  6. You can also associate an existing UPS Account with this profile by filling in your existing account information.associate an existing UPS account to the profile

Add Shipper Account

Obtaining a UPS access key 

  1. Open UPS (US) Login page (US) and log in. If you are shipping with a UPS Canada account, open the UPS (CA) Login page instead. 
  2. Go to Services > Integrating UPS Technology > UPS Developer Kit APIs.
  3. Follow the UPS guide to obtain an access key.

Obtaining approval to ship via UPS SurePost 

  1. Obtain UPS credentials as outlined above. 
  2. Uncheck Use Production Server.
  3. Click the Generate production access request files button.
  4. Save the files and email them to the address provided by UPS on the production page. 
  5. When they receive those files, you will receive approval for SurePost shipping. 
  6. Check the Use Production Server box. 

Shipping with ConnectShip 

ConnectShip, Inc. is a wholly-owned, independent subsidiary of UPS that operates jointly as ConnectShip | iShip to provide both on and off-premise multi-carrier shipping solutions for enterprise and mid-sized companies. 

Integrating Connectship with ShipBridge 

ShipBridge can interact fully with your ConnectShip account. 

  1. In ShipBridge, click Menu > Options > CarriersUPS tab.
  2. Check the Enable ConnectShip box. You will be prompted to restart ShipBridge.
  3. Upon restart, there will be a new carrier tab, ConnectShip. Press that tab. 
  4. Enter the server IP address and credentials. Usually, it’s an in-house server so it would be local IP. 
  5. Enter your UPS account number in the Shipper # field. 
  6. Select a label reference field. This is an arbitrary field that can display Sellercloud order info on the label, like the channel order number (OrderSourceOrderID). 
  7. Label Item Number. This is the standardized number that references a particular label size. When entered, ConnectShip will print the label accordingly. For example, 01774006 would print a label as in the attached image. 
  8. If your printer is printing from your local PC, configure the label printer with the Label Printer Configuration button. 
  9. If your printer is printing from the actual ConnectShip server, check the Print to network server (server-side) option, and enter the printer path. 
  10. Multi-label tag. When requesting a customs form, it will be printed on a separate label. 
  11. UPS Mail Innovations Cost Center code: Can be used as a reference field.

Understanding UPS Accessories

  1. Right-click on an order in ShipBridge grid. 
  2. Select Edit Order. 
  3. Press the Order Details tab. 
  4. Select UPS as Shipping Service.
  5. Press the UPS accessories button. 
  6. Configure preferred services and save. 

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