Walmart Dropship Vendor Integration Via API

Sellercloud connects to Walmart DSV via API to upload inventory, download orders, and upload tracking.

Keep in mind that if you manually acknowledge the orders on Walmart, Sellercloud will not download them.

  1. In your Walmart DSV portal, click the Settings icon.
  2. Select Consumer IDs & Secret Keys in the API section.
  3. Click the Create Consumer ID and Secret Key button. If you get an error when trying to generate your keys in Walmart, contact Walmart support to have your account enabled for API.
  4. Go to Sellercloud Settings > company > Toolbox > Walmart > General Settings.
  5. Select the settings Enable API Integration, Walmart Enabled, and Walmart Direct.
  6. Copy and paste the ID and Key into the Walmart Settings page in Sellercloud.
  7. In the Walmart DSV portal under Settings > Distribution Facilities, retrieve your Distribution ID.
  8. In Sellercloud, enter this under Warehouse ID(s). If there are multiple warehouses, enter them separated by commas > Save.
  9. Verify the connection from the Action menu.
  10. Under Toolbox > Walmart > Shipping Method Mapping, be sure to set up all mapping to properly import orders with the correct shipping methods.
  11. Ensure all items have the correct price in the Walmart Initial Cost field on the Walmart Properties page. You can do this in bulk using the column header WalmartPrice. If you want to use the item’s Site Price as the Walmart Initial Cost, enable the column WalmartPriceUseDefault. This field will be pulled into the order as the item’s price, as the price that Walmart sends is the amount they charge the customer, not the amount you will receive for the order. If this is not properly set up, your P&L will be incorrect.

Switching from EDI to API integration

While Sellercloud still supports existing EDI integrations with Walmart DSV, if you choose to migrate to the API integration, you must be very careful during this process. All orders will need to be fulfilled and tracking uploaded through Sellercloud.

  1. Turn off order download for Walmart DSV under Settings > company > Toolbox > Walmart > General Settings.
  2. Have your Walmart DSV account enabled for API. (Do not yet change the credentials in SellerCloud).
  3. Fulfill all orders that are open.
  4. Once all tracking is uploaded to Walmart DSV, turn off Fulfillment Upload and Inventory Upload.
  5. Enable the “Enable API integration” to be able to fill in credentials. You should follow all steps above.

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