Walmart Dropship Properties

SellerCloud integrates with Walmart to manage inventory and orders; you do not post or revise product info from SellerCloud.

The Walmart properties page has the following fields:
  • Walmart Enabled – Will send qty of zero if not enabled
  • Merchant SKU – The ProductID as it’s known on Walmart.
  • Walmart Web Tool ID – Walmart’s listing ID – Walmart Item number
  • Walmart Initial Cost – This is the price at which Walmart is buying the item from you; not the retail price Walmart sells to the item to the customer.

    Walmart does not send the amount they will pay you for with each order, so it is important to populate this field before importing orders in order for the correct item price to appear. Otherwise, your orders will import with the amount that Walmart sends us, which will cause inaccuracies in your P&L.

  • Walmart Initial Retail –  The Retail Price at Walmart. For internal reference only. This field does not get sent to Walmart.
  • Safety Qty – The amount you are reserving from the actual quantity.  This will be deducted from you available inventory when sending inventory to help prevent overselling.

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