Customizing Search Filters and Grid Columns

Check out this short tour on customizing your filters and grid results to quickly maximize all of your search results! Learn how to save a custom view to convenient reuse.

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Sellercloud offers powerful custom filtering and display features to easily target your data results on every search page, such as Manage Inventory, Manage Warehouses, Manage Orders, Manage Queued Jobs, etc. You can always save a search into a view that you can quickly open anytime.

Creating custom filters

Each search page has its own logical default filters, but you can add several others and then save that filtered view for convenient reuse anytime.

  1. Click Add Filters.
  2. You can either scroll through the list and click each one to add, or you can search and click each result to add.
  3. When done, click Search.
  4. Click Save View after choosing your custom filters.
    Click Add Filter to select one or more custom filters for your data search
Click Save View and name and save your filtered view for reuse
  • If you change an existing saved view, you can then save it with a unique name so you can have multiple custom views for that specific page: Click Save View > Save view as.
    Click Save View, then Save View As to give a new view a different name
  1. Access all your saved views from the Saved Views dropdown.
    Click the Saved Views dropdown in the upper right corner to see all your saved views and open one

Customizing the grid columns

You can customize the columns in the grid anytime – either before or after customizing its search filters.

  1. Click the 3-dot (kabob) icon in the upper right corner to open the Customize Columns menu. In addition to moving the columns around in the grid, you can add and remove them. Note: The ID column cannot be removed.
    Customize Columns menu to reorder the headers, reset the view, or manage custom views
Customize Columns window to reorder columns and add/remove columns

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