Order Rule Engine

Order Rule Engine functionality is only available in Sellercloud Delta interface!


The Rule Engine feature in Sellercloud can help you apply changes to your orders and items within your orders automatically. Similar to post order plugins, the Rule Engine allows you to split an order, change warehouses, and more based on the conditions and actions that are applied to the rule.

Enable Rule Engine

To enable the Rule Engine:

  1. Go to Settings > Client Settings > Orders
  2. Turn on Enable Rule Engine.

Enable Rule Engine

Manage Rules

You can create, test, copy and delete rules under Settings > Orders > Rule Engine > Manage Rules.

To create a new rule:

  1. Go to Settings > Orders > Rule Engine > Manage Rules.
  2. Click Add New Rule.
  3. Enter the Rule Name.
  4. You can also apply this rule only to particular groups of orders by enabling checkboxes:
    1. Process FBA Orders;
    2. Process Fully Shipped Orders;
    3. Process Unpaid Orders.create new rule with name
  5. Add Conditions. Add Condition Name and select Condition Type. You can also add a Sublevel  Condition controlled by the top-level condition.add conditions
  6. Create Actions. Enter Acton Name and select Action Type. create new action
  7. If the order satisfies the condition(s) the system will automatically perform the action(s) created for the rule.
  8. You can Enable/Disable conditions and actions.enable and disable
  9. Click the Green Flag to create a new rule.create a new rule
Order rules are run immediately after order creation. Rules will only be applied to orders that are created after the rule is enabled.

View Log

To view the execution log: go to Settings > Orders > Rule Engine > Execution Log.

execution log


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