Get Amazon Buy Box Price

Knowing the Amazon Buy Box price – the selling price of the merchant who won the Buy Box – can help you price your offerings more competitively.

SellerCloud can lookup the Buy Box price and shipping price, and save it to a product with a corresponding ASIN. 

To get the Buy Box Price:
  1. Select products that have ASINs on the Manage Inventory grid.
  2. Select Get Amazon Buy Box Prices from the action menu. Press Go.
  3. The request will be submitted into the job queue.
  4. When the job is completed, export the results with a Custom Export from Manage Inventory grid using columns AmazonBuyBoxPrice and/or AmazonBuyBoxPriceShipping (to get the shipping price of the buy box).
The AmazonBuyBoxPrice will not export on the job. You need to export them from the products after the “Get_Amazon_BuyBox_Price” job is complete.
Prices are not updated to Amazon automatically. They can be revised manually individually or in bulk. Read more here.

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