Custom Export

Custom Export is a great feature for advanced users of SellerCloud. It allows you to choose the exact columns you want to export instead of using some predefined template. This is very useful when you want to update custom columns or in case you want to update just a few columns out of many.

  1. Select the products you want to export in the Inventory Management tab.
  2. From the Action Menu select Custom Export.
  3. The columns on the left are all of the existing product columns that are enabled for export. If you know there is a column in SellerCloud that you don’t see on the list it may need to be enabled from SellerCloud Support or it may be listed under Advanced Columns. Advanced Columns will add to the list if they are enabled from the checkbox on top.
  4. The columns on the right are normally predefined: ProductID and ProductName. While ProductName is not mandatory, ProductID must always be the first column in your sheets to avoid any errors when importing back the file.
  5. Set the export format. You can choose between Excel, CSV and Tab Delimited.
  6. Sorting: You can select a sorting column for your file.
  7. Saving your export: If you think this custom export will be useful in future it can be saved from the Action Menu and used later from the Saved Template dropdown.

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