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Memaila lets individuals and businesses organize a team account for an email address of their choice, so that each member of the team can receive emails, and send replies, with that team email address, but from their own personal email Inbox.

The Memaila platform offers numerous management and filtering options to ease the distribution of messages to the group of team members.

You also have options to leave notes, and easily follow-up with other team members from the email chain itself, while working on an email thread.

The Memaila setup workflow comprises 2 main steps:

Signing up

  1. Sign up for a Memaila account.
    Memaila home page
  2. Enter your Sellercloud team name, your company name in your Sellercloud account, and your name.
    Memaila team setup page
  3. Set up your company address.
    Company address info for Memaila
  4. Enter payment information.
    Payment details for a Memaila account
  5. Enter your login credentials. Note: Your password must have 8+ characters, one lowercase and one uppercase letter, a special character, and a number. Click Finish.
    Login information for a Memaila account
  6. From your Welcome email, click Confirm my email address and wait.
    Confirm your email address from the Memaila setup email
Memaila thank you email
  1. Memaila will configure the team account for you and automatically open this sign-in page: Log in with your team name and user credentials.
    Sign into your Memaila account with team name
    Sign into Memaila with user name and password
  2. You will be prompted to add a team email, as shown below; click Add.Note:If you close this message now instead of adding the team email, you can complete this setup later. If so, see Completing setup when ready.
    Memaila dashboard prompt to add a team name

Completing setup

To complete your account setup:

  1. Log into Memaila.
  2. Add the team email address that you want to get messages from (if you did not already add it during initial setup). For example,
  3. Click the Settings tab > click the Add button and enter the email > click Next.
    Memaila settings page
    Memaila page to add new team email account
    Memaila account Email settings
  4. The Email tab shown above shows the team email address. More fields now appear below the Email field; these are the keys for Memaila to connect to your email:
  • Email Host – Choose the host from the dropdown. Note: If you choose “Other,” you must manually populate the IMAP and SMTP Host fields below.
  • IMAP Host and IMAP Port
  • SMTP Host and SMTP Port
  • Use SSL – Checked by default
  1. Below those fields, provide the following:
  • Mailbox Folder – Enter this if you want to filter only one Inbox in your email account to feed Memaila with emails.
  • Send From if available
  • Memaila Reference – This field auto-populates as your team email without the ampersand (the @ sign). For example, The Memaila reference name is used to forward the emails from your team mailbox to your forwarding email address. Note: If this email already exists in the system, you may have to enter a different name.
  1. When done, click Test Connection to cross-check the input information and confirm that Memaila has access to your email address.
  2. Click the Forwarding tab and add any email addresses to which you want messages from the team email address sent. For example,,, etc.

Memaila settings

This page holds all of Memaila’s functional settings organized by column:

Memaila settings page
  • Team Email column – Contains the team email address that you configured during signup or setup.
  • Forwarding column – Any forwarding emails added during initial setup can be changed anytime. There are also several filter options here.
  • Integration column – This contains the communication link to your Sellercloud account.
    • If you set integration to Enable, you can select Sellercloud from the Integration drop-down. (Amazon is also provided as an option), and then enter your Sellercloud team name and login credentials. This gives Memaila access to your Sellercloud account, so we can check every incoming message (from your team email), and, if Memaila finds this email address in your Sellercloud account, we will display any order and customer-related information (only most recent) under the original email.

Memaila filters

Several filter options are available under the Settings’ Forwarding column.

Memaila email filters
  • Email Filters – Click Set Filters to add logic for emails to be forwarded (or excluded from) the feed to a particular teambox member.
  • Assignment Filters – Click Set Filters to assign/unassign emails to teambox members.
  • Redirect – Click Set Redirect to manually redirect messages to a particular email.
  • Auto Responder – Click Set Reply to set up an auto-respond message within a custom timeframe. Be sure to enable your auto-responder.
    Memaila auto-responder setup

Memaila tips

When your team is all set up, you can use Memaila right away!

Here’s a valuable tip for starters:

  • When you want to see the notes from a related order and/or customer information, just click here in the email:
    Memaila email's notes option for an order

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