Scheduling eBay Auctions

Check out these video tutorials about scheduling eBay auctions in Sellercloud’s Alpha interface.

Scheduling eBay auctions

You can schedule auctions for individual or multiple products, such as Product Group Series or Product Group Sets, to eliminate the legwork of creating an auction for individual products.. These features are typically used when creating campaigns for similar products.

  • Product Group Series — Sellercloud will post all products in the Product Group in a random order, beginning at the given start date and according to the interval schedule
  • Product Group Sets — You can select different start dates and times for each product. You can fully control individual items with unique formats and posting intervals

An eBay auction will always end at the same time day as when it was first posted. If you don’t want auctions to end at scheduled times, you can configure Blackout Dates. From Settings > eBay Blackout Dates you can either enter the times manually or through a file upload. Sellercloud will check the listing to ensure it doesn’t conflict with Blackout Dates each time an auction posts.

Important! The Windows service eBayProductListingService must be configured to allow a recurring auction. It can be configured by Sellercloud Support.

Posting auctions

The date and time is the date and time zone of your database/server’s location. Shared servers are generally located in U.S. Eastern Standard time zones.

Click here to reveal information about scheduling auctions for individual products.

Alpha interface

  1. Open the product > Toolbox > eBay Listing Manager.
  2. Click Add New Listing.
  3. Select Create New Listing. Or, you can select an existing title.
  4. On the next page, select Auction > Set the Duration.
  5. Optional: Check Schedule Posting > Set a date and time > Save Item. This is enabled if you want to schedule the auction for a future date and time. 
  6. Or, if you’re ready to post, simply click Post to eBay. sellercloud alpha scheduling auctions set date and time

After the item is successfully posted on eBay, it will receive an eBay Listing ID. If the listing is not yet posted, it will be assigned a temporary ID. Clicking the ID in the top left corner will open the eBay page.

Click here to reveal directions about scheduling with Product Group Series.

Alpha interface

  1. Go to InventoryProduct Groups > Click Product Group Series.
  2. Click Create New Series.
  3. Select Company and Product Group > Enter values into the remaining fields > Save.
    • Listings Per Product – It’s probably better to keep it low or even at 1. You don’t want to compete against your own listing. Read about eBay’s Duplicate Listing policy
    • Selling Format – Campaigns work in all three selling formats
    • Posting Interval – This feature sets the interval between posting each product. For example, If you’re posting 10 products and select a time of 5 minutes, every 5 minutes one product will post
    • Listing Duration – Duration of listing from the time product is posted
    • Start Date and Time – Date and Time of when posting begins
    • Enable Blackout Time – Time of day you do not want to sell your item. Sellercloud will not post any auctions during that time
    • Recurring – Selecting this option will enable Sellercloud to continually post your product at the set frequency until the set end date. Items that sell well should have a shorter recurring date. Setting frequency on 52 and selecting weeks will auto-list the product every week for the whole year


Click here to reveal information about scheduling with Product Group Sets.

Alpha interface

You can access a Product Group Set by:

  1. Go to InventoryProduct Groups > Click Product Group Sets.
  2. Select Action > Create New Product Group Set > Go.
  3. Select a Company > Name > Select Product Group > Create New Set.
  4. Enter a Start Date and End Date (if applicable) > Check Enable Listings > Select Recurring if you want the campaign to repeat.
  5. In the Product Group Items grid, enter Day of Week, Time of Day, Format and Duration for each product.sellercloud alpha schedule auctions product group item selection
  6. When complete, Select Actions > Generate > Go.


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