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SellerCloud has a comprehensive API (application program interface) for managing inventory and orders; enabling third party developers to develop custom applications that can integrate with SellerCloud.

A few examples of applications built by SellerCloud that are already using this API are:
We have used these integration tools to also integrate third party software such as:
Magic Infosystem
Using the web service:

A directory of web services is located at

SellerCloud web service supports SOAP. In order to work with it, you should add a web reference to your Visual C#/VB.NET project. A suggested web reference is “SC” (as used in this documentation). The same code provided here is written in VB.NET.

Creating a web service instance
After you’ve added the web reference to your project, you can create a web service instance and download or update order information.
Remember that all web service methods require authentication: you have to specify your SellerCloud/CoreWebAdmin email and password in an AuthHeader. Any authentication-related exceptions are thrown by the service when you call a method.
It is also suggested to set a timeout value of 5 minutes to give room for any time-consuming operations.

Dim sellerCloud As New SC.SCService
sellerCloud.Timeout = 5 * 60 * 1000 // 5 minutes in milliseconds
sellerCloud.AuthHeaderValue = New SC.AuthHeader
sellerCloud.AuthHeaderValue.UserName = ""
sellerCloud.AuthHeaderValue.Password = "password

Please see the attached document for more detailed information about how to use the SellerCloud webservices.

SellerCloud WebService 8-24-14b.doc

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