Amazon Global Express

Introducing Amazon Global Express

Amazon’s Marketplace Web Services (MWS) supports Amazon’s Global Express orders in the US.

Global Express is an end-to-end global export program that enables sellers to list, sell, and deliver products door-to-door, from your US warehouse to customers anywhere in the world.

When you join Global Express, worldwide customers will be able to search, browse, and buy your products on

Setting up Global Express orders

If you want a Global Express order flagged in Sellercloud, the order report from Amazon must include an indicator that it is a Global Express order. In the Amazon report file, this indicator will appear as “is-global-express.” If you do not set this up, the orders may not come into Sellercloud as Global Express.

This setup is similar to enabling the indicator for Amazon Prime orders  to be sent in reports; here’s how:

  1. Open Amazon Seller Central > Orders > Order Reports > See the top note “New! Choose the columns you want to see in your order reports.”
    seller central global express setting
  2. Enable Global Express and click Save Changes.
  3. When the information comes in through the reports, orders will be imported as the sub-type Amazon_Global_Express_Prime.
Any order that is flagged as Global Express by Amazon is only shippable using Amazon Buy Shipping.

Assigning SKUs to Global Express shipping templates

You must enable shipping templates for Global Express, and then assign products to those shipping templates. SKUs that are assigned to those templates will be immediately enabled into the program.

This is done in Seller Central; learn how on their Global Express support page.

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