Google Shopping Settlement Reports

Understanding Google shopping settlement reports

Settlement reports detail transaction-level credits and debits between you and Google. These details may feature refunds, appeasement, and commissions, and others related to your activities.

You can download your reports as a CSV file. Also, keep in mind that you can download settlement reports for a specific time period. Learn how to download the settlement report from Google below:

  1. Click the Tools icon > Select Payments under Tools and settings.
  2. Find the Settlements section > Select Date Range > Click Download.
  3. Optional: To view and download a specific settlement report > Click on a Settlement ID > In the Transactions tab click Download.

Importing your Google settlement reports

To add commissions, shipping costs, or any other type of P&L data on a Google Shopping (or Google Express) order, you will need to download the settlement report from Google and import it into Sellercloud via a plugin. This plugin is called GoogleExpress Settlement Import.

Contact Sellercloud Support if you do not have the plugin installed on your server.

Learn how to import the Google Shopping settlements into Sellercloud for each interface by clicking on the appropriate accordion.

  1. Go to Orders > Import Orders.
  2. Select a Company > From the Channel dropdown select Website/Plugin.
  3. From the Select Plugin dropdown select GoogleExpress Settlement Import > Upload Order File > Click Process Order.
    Google express settlement import in alpha interface
  1. Go to Orders > Tools > Import Order Info.
  2. In Import Orders via Plugin field > Select a Company > In Plugin select GoogleExpress Settlement Import.
  3. Upload Order File > Click Import.
    Google express settlement import in delta interface

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