Integrating Chewy via DSCO

Understanding DCSO API integration

Sellercloud can establish an API connection with Chewy via DSCO. This connection will be through plugins which will have to be installed on your server. You’ll need to request your API Token, Supplier Account IDAPI Username and Warehouse Supplier Code from DSCO.

If you are interested in integrating with Chewy, please contact Sellercloud Support to install the plugins for you.


DSCO Table Order Import
  • Imports all new orders from DSCO and creates them in Sellercloud
  • Acknowledges each order after creation and moves it to Shipment Pending in DSCO
  • Creates orders as paid
  • Compares DSCO SKU, UPC, ItemID, and PartnerSKU to Sellercloud UPC and Product ID
DSCO Tracking Export
  • Sends tracking information to DSCO
  • Marks orders as SrcUpdatedForShipping
DSCO API Invoice Export
  • Creates invoice on DSCO
  • Saves the InvoiceID to a custom column
DSCO Inventory Export
  • Exports inventory to DSCO
  • Products must exist in DSCO
  • Prices are not included in the update
  • DSCOItemID must be set in SC or product will be skipped
  • DSCOSafetyQty can be used to set safety quantity on a product level

Integrating Chewy

As previously mentioned, you’ll need to contact DSCO to receive your Token, Supplier Account ID, API Username, and Warehouse Supplier Code. To get a Warehouse Supplier code, you must set up a warehouse in DSCO.

To integrate with Chewy:

  1. Connect with an Integrations team member and log into your DSCO account.
  2. Click CONNECTING: Step 1 and continue through the onboarding and testing processes.

The Warehouse Supplier Code is chosen by you during the onboarding process. This can be created on your Warehouse Manager page.

Creating custom company settings

In order to execute the plugins for Order Import and Inventory and Tracking Uploads, you’ll need to create the company settings in Sellercloud listed below.

  • If set to false, Sellercloud will send the product custom column DSCOItemID (which needs to be filled out)
  • If set to true, SC will send the Sellercloud SKU
DSCO_sendDiscontinued Optional
DSCO_sendUPC Optional
DSCO_SupplierID Required
DSCO_SupplierName Required
DSCO_Token Required
DSCO_WarehouseCodes Required (846)
DSCOSendCost Optional
DSCOUseExpectedDeliveryDate Optional
  • Required (856)
  • This only applies if you have 1 warehouse set up in DSCO. Currently, this is not supported by the plugin for more than one
  • Required
  • This is a product-based custom column


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