Profit and Loss Reports Overview


In this article, you will learn about Sellercloud’s Profit and Loss (P&L) reports. These reports allow you to have a clear understanding of your profit and loss trends. They provide insight into a company’s revenue, expenses, and overall profitability, allowing you to make better decisions and track your progress.

The P&L reports are some of the most information-rich reports Sellercloud offers. You can access a wide range of information and sort it differently with all the required filtering options.

For more information about Sellercloud’s Financial Reporting Suite, see the Reports FAQ.

Profit and Loss Reports

There are six different profit and loss reports:

  • Profit & Loss Dashboard – helps you summarize and analyze the P&L of the company in a few different ways.
  • P&L Order Summary – shows a summary of the P&L for orders in a specific period.
  • P&L Order Details – shows the P&L details of individual orders based on transactions made on a specific date or date range.
  • Product Profit Summary – shows P&L information for each individual product by summarizing the order and/or non-order transactions within a specific period.
  • Product Profit Details – shows details about P&L for each individual product’s order and non-order transactions within a specific period.
  • Manage P&L – lets you manage your P&L reports and perform a number of different actions, such as exporting reports, viewing P&L metrics, configuring non-order transaction type lists, viewing recent settlements, accessing the Import P&L page, and more.

Together, these reports provide a comprehensive view of a company’s financial performance, you to make informed decisions and drive growth.

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