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Home Shopping Network (HSN) is an American broadcast, basic cable and satellite television network. HSN also has an online outlet at SellerCloud offers integration with HSN.

HSN Integration

  1.  Create your account on At first HSN will provide you with login to their testing portal where you have to go through testing by manually uploading and downloading the necessary files. Once the testing process is completed you can go live.
  2. To start setting your integration navigate to your company toolbox and select the HSN  General Settings. The Sender, Receiver, Vendor IDs and the FTP credentials will be provided by HSN.
  3. HSN is sending and receiving data through XML. The feed can be checked at Company> Toolbox > HSN > Documents.
  4. When selling to HSN each seller charges HSN a handling fee which must be specified in the tracking document. The handling fee can be set on the company HSN settings.

SellerCloud offers a custom invoice format which is created specially to print the packing slips provided by HSN.

It needs to be printed on the special paper provided by HSN. Contact SellerCloud Support to upload the invoice plugin (

HSN Invoice )to your server.


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