Shipbridge Settings for Backup/Restore


You can export your Shipbridge settings as an XML file and import them back into Shipbridge.

Some of the reasons why this feature is useful:

  • To restore your settings in case they are mistakenly changed
  • A convenient way of configuring multiple Shipbridges with a simple file import
  • For troubleshooting by SellerCloud Support. Learn about collecting files for detailed debugging.

Export Settings

To export your Shipbridge settings as an XML file: 

  1. Go to Menu > Backup/Restore > Export Settings to File.
  2. Save the file to a location. Now you have a restore point.Export settings to file

Import Settings

 To import an XML file with settings back to Shipbridge: 

  1. Send the file to a computer on which you are configuring a separate Shipbridge.
  2. Go to Menu > Backup/Restore > Settings from File.
  3. Choose the Settings file and import it.Import settings from file
  4. After importing the file for a different user’s Shipbridge, log out of Shipbridge and log back in with the user’s username and password. Click Username at the top right of the Shipbridge interface to reveal the logout button.logout button


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