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The Channel Documents pages contain all the communication between SellerCloud and the channel. This communication has different files and formats depending on the way we integrate with the channel. Checking them is very useful in order to determine possible errors when posting products, updating inventory and prices, or pulling orders. This operates differently for each channel but in general there are many common rules.

API Communication Feed

Core integrations in SellerCloud use API for most of the channels. This means that we have direct automated feeds of information between the channel and the platform. All such documents will be located in the company Toolbox > Channel Name > Documents

  1. Amazon – Amazon documents are split into four different types:
    • Downloaded Documents – Currently not in use since those documents are passed through MWS.
    • MWS Call Log – Contains most of the automated communication with Amazon regarding Inventory, Orders and Tracking
    • Reports – Contains reports about settlements, orders, FBA shipped orders and FBA inventory. You can manually request a report for a current date-range from the link on top.
    • Uploaded Documents – Every time you make updates to your listings they will pass through here. This also includes posting new products. The documents need some time to be processed and you can click on Query to check the status and response of the request. It is very useful to check here when posting New products to Amazon and check if you have some property missing that generates an error.
    • Price updates – currently the price updates are not automatic for Amazon. There is a plugin that can help with these updates and it can be requested from the Support Team.
  2. Ebay – eBay has all feeds focused into eBay Large Merchant Service Jobs, which combines many records in large batches and sends them all at once. Since it may be difficult to locate a specific product, it is recommended to use the filters on top. eBay has limits on the API calls per day (which is not easy to reach). Your current daily API calls can be checked from the Company Toolbox > eBay > API Limits.
  3. Other Channels – All other channels act in a similar way. The feed will be visible from the company Toolbox > Channel Name > Documents. There are always filters for the document types and request / response documents.

Plugin Integrations Feed

Plugin integrations run through Scheduled Tasks. They can be located in the Company Toolbox > Scheduled Tasks

Each task that is set to run automatically will create a Queued Job on every execution. The history list can be accessed by clicking on the number under the History column and any related errors can be checked inside the job logs.

Example for channel Houzz:

Plugin Integrations process different types of documents and they normally do it via FTP or VAN. The documents will be in XML or Json format, which are easy to read with normal editors. Files in the EDI formats can be opened with special EDI editors.

Website Platforms Feed

This includes Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and others. The documents for those integrations are located in the Company Toolbox > Website > SellerCloud Integrated Website > Documents OR

Company Toolbox > Website > SellerCloud Plug-In Website > Documents.

The documents here are similar to the ones mentioned in the API section above. You can filter them by document type, timeframe and Product/OrderID.

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