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In the Prep Guidance tab, you can see Amazon’s preparation instructions, including any special package or label requirements.Prep guidance tab

Configure Prep Guidance

  1. Review the item preparation instructions provided by Amazon. You can print barcode labels or revise dimensions and weight (see action descriptions in the table below).Prep guidance actions
  2. When ready, click the blue arrow to move to the next step in the wizard: Amazon Shipments. Clicking the arrow sends the shipment to Amazon for review.

The tables below describe each of the columns and actions available.

Column Descriptions

SKU Product SKU in Sellercloud.
Qty Item quantity for the shipment.
Product Name Name of the product in Sellercloud.
ASIN Amazon Standard Identification Number listing identifier.

Connects the item to a listing.


Identifier used by Amazon fulfillment centers to identify units of a specific ASIN.

If an item does not show an FNSKU (for example, it has not shipped to FBA before), click its Get FNSKU icon to find it. Note that this only works if the item already has an FNSKU on Amazon.

Barcode instructions The item’s barcode requirement determined by Amazon:

  • Can use original barcode – Item does not require a scannable FBA product label. The original manufacturer’s barcode can be used.
  • Requires FNSKU Label – Item requires a scannable FBA product label. Cover any original bar codes on the item.
Prep guidance Amazon’s specific preparation requirements that sellers must adhere to for items to be fully received at Amazon fulfillment centers:

  • See Prep Instructions List – Item needs preparation in addition to any item labeling that may be required. This only appears if an item’s Prep Instructions value is populated.
  • Consult Help documents – Amazon is unable to determine preparation instructions for this item but may provide guidance at a future date after evaluating the item.
    Important! The seller is responsible for ensuring that each item is properly prepared for shipment to Amazon’s fulfillment network.
  • No Additional Prep Required – Item does not require preparation other than any item labeling that may be required.
Prep instructions Preparation instructions for shipping an item to Amazon’s fulfillment network. Values can include one or more of these:

  • None
  • Polybagging – Polybagging is required
  • BubbleWrapping – Bubble wrapping is required
  • Taping – Taping is required
  • BlackShrinkWrapping – Black shrink wrapping is required
  • Labeling – FNSKU label should be applied to the item
  • HangGarment – Item should be placed on a hanger

Actions Available

Print product labels Print barcode labels for a product that cannot use its original barcode (per Amazon’s prep guidance). Sellercloud will generate and let you download the exact quantity of labels for the units as a PDF file in the required format.

You can print custom labels using plugins; contact Sellercloud Support for details.
Revise dimensions and weight You can send the product’s dimensions and weight info to Amazon for revision by selecting the product and clicking the Revise icon.


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