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The way an item is sold on FBA can differ from the way it is purchased from the vendor.

Sellercloud’s FBA Planning feature links FBA “need-restocking” items to the related purchase orders and includes processing information, so when these items are received from the vendor, they can be processed immediately for the related FBA shipments.

When adding a product to a PO and an FBA shipment, Sellercloud creates a PO with products that need purchasing from the vendor. The FBA Planning page records the products you want to send to FBA.

As products are received, Sellercloud updates the FBA Planning page with the products received on the related PO (or split PO).

For each kit, it will show how many kits can be assembled based on the quantity received on the related PO.

You can enter the quantity you want to send to FBA and add it to an FBA Shipment:

  1. Click Inventory > Predicted Purchasing.
  2. Click Predictive Restocking for FBA.
  3. Add the desired products and other related settings, such as Days OF Order and Days TO Order. More information is available here.
  4. Select the products and choose Add to FBA Shipment and PO (with Planning) from the Select Action menu (if needed, scroll to the right to see this).
  5. On the Add to FBA Shipment page, add the product to an existing PO or create a new one. You can also adjust the quantities ordered.
  6. Open the Planning Details by clicking the planning ID link. Here, you can also assemble kits and create FBA shipments.

You can open this PO FBA Planning page directly by clicking Inventory > Manage Inventory > PO FBA Plannings. This page shows a list of all previous plannings and related POs, and you can also import plannings using the available template.

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