FBA Inbound Shipments Details Page

Understanding the FBA Inbound Shipment Details page

To access the FBA Inbound Shipments Details page:

  1. Go to Inventory > FBA Inbound Shipments > Manage FBA Inbound Shipments.
  2. Search for your shipment > Click your shipment.

You can view ID and company at the top of your page. In addition, helpful tags show you the current status of your shipment. In your organized, color-coded tabs, you can edit and view information like:

  • Ship From Address
  • Ship To Address
  • Priority
  • Amazon Shipment ID
  • Tracking Number

If your shipment is still being created, you can click the Shipment Creation Wizard button to be redirected to your wizard. You can also add products by clicking the Edit icon in the Products tab.

sellercloud fba inbound shipment details page

If your shipment is already processed, you can view and edit the processed information in the Amazon Shipments tab by clicking the Edit icon. You can also access Seller Central by clicking the icon.

sellercloud seller central fba inbound shipment amazon

You also have the ability to perform a wide-range of functions, which are specific to that FBA inbound shipment.

From the Toolbox, you can:

  • View your Amazon shipment details
  • View and search your API log
  • Edit and view your shipping costs
  • Manage related documents
  • View and search your change log

From the Action menu, you can do the following (and more):

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