Filtering Reports by Product Group

Sellercloud’s product group feature lets you arrange products together into one or more named groups.

When used in Sellercloud’s Financial Reporting suite, you can quickly run a report with a large number of SKUs simply by filtering the report by one (or more) product groups that are comprised of those SKUs.

You can create product groups from the Product Groups page or add products to an existing group in bulk through a file upload, but you can also create a new group on-the-fly from any Sellercloud report that offers the SKU filter.

By opening that filter and either searching for SKUs or copy-pasting them into a list, you can instantly create a new product group and immediately run that report by that group. You’ll also be able to add copied SKUs to an existing product group.

Creating a product group from the SKU filter

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To use a report’s SKU filter to create a product group:

  1. Open the report.
  2. Click the SKU filter (below) to open a separate Search Products window, then follow the steps below.
    Click the SKU filter in a report to open the Search Products window
    Copy and paste SKUs and click the action to add them to product group
    1. Click Show/Hide textbox to paste SKU list.
    2. Paste the desired SKUs on separate lines into the box > click Search SKUs.
    3. Select all SKUs by clicking Select all pages (for Export).
    4. Click Action Menu > Add to Product Group > Go.
  3. On the next window, either enter the New Group name or click Existing Group and choose one > Save.
    Select an existing product group or click new group and enter a group name
  4. Close the window.

Filtering a report by product group

  1. In the report, click the Product Group filter and choose the group(s) from the list.
    Select one or more product groups in the report's Product Group filter
  2. Click Run Report. In the sample report below, the total physical, reserved, and available inventory and value appears in each warehouse for the SKUs in that product group.
    Sample inventory by warehouse summary report filtered by one product group

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