Getting Info From Walmart

Walmart Marketplace offers the ability to pull product information similar to the one offered by Amazon. This only works for products that already have an active listing on Walmart Marketplace.

After the item has the Walmart Product Item ID assigned by Walmart, this functionality can be used from the Walmart Marketplace Product Page by selecting Get Info from Walmart from the Action Menu.

To use this feature, complete the registration required by Walmart:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Register at the top right.
  3. Complete the form to register for a product search API key. The website URL field must have the prefix “http://” as in You will be emailed an API key. (Check your spam folder if you do not see the email in your inbox.)
  4. Copy and paste the key into your company > Toolbox >Walmart Setting page > Product Search API Key field > Save.
You can only use the “Get Info From Walmart” function when a listing ID is associated with the item under the WPID field. If there is not a listing ID on your item, see below for instructions on how to add.

Q: What info is pulled when using Get Info from Walmart?

A: List of properties included:

  • WalmartAPIProductTitle
  • ListPrice
  • SitePrice
  • WalmartAPIPriceUseDefault
  • UPC
  • LongDescription
  • ManufacturerSKU
  • Images

Q: What listing will the information come in from?

A: The information will come in from the listing associated with the item. This is indicated by the Walmart Product ID (appears under field “WPID” on the top of the Walmart properties page).

WalmartAPIWPID can’t be set using bulk update. It is auto updated from active listings report.


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