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Walmart Marketplace offers the ability to pull product information similar to the one offered by Amazon. This only works for products in the Walmart catalog.

After the item has a Walmart Product Item ID (WPID) assigned, information for that product can be pulled directly from Walmart Marketplace. This functionality can be used either individually or in bulk by using the Get Info from Walmart action.

Enable Create product with minimal info must be disabled for this workflow.


To use this feature, complete the registration required by Walmart.

  • Create an Affiliate Account here.
To be able to use this functionality in Sellercloud your server must have a Last Write date of September 1, 2022 or later.

Integrate your Affiliate account

  1. In Sellercloud, navigate to the Walmart Marketplace Settings page (Settings > company > Toolbox > Walmart Marketplace > General Settings).
  2. Select Action > Download Walmart Affiliate API Public Key and Save the file. It will be required for step 7 below.
  3. Log into your Walmart Affiliate account at
  4. From the Menu on the left, choose Applications.
  5. Click the button to Create Applications.
  6. Add an Application Name, Company Name and Description. Example:  
  7. Once the Application is created, click the Upload/Update Public Key button on this application.
  8. From the ‘Upload Your Public Key’ page, choose Environment Type = Production, and paste the key from the file ‘WalmartAffiliateAPIPublicKey.txt’ in Public Key.
    • This file can be opened using Notepad and within it there will be ~ 7 rows of alphanumeric/character values
  9. Once the public key is saved it will bring you back to the User Dashboard. The Product Consumer ID field should now be populated with a value. 
  10. Copy the Consumer ID.
  11. In Sellercloud, navigate to the Walmart Marketplace Settings page (Settings > company > Toolbox > Walmart Marketplace > General Settings).
  12. Enter your ConsumerID into the Affiliates API ConsumerID field.
  13. Go to Actions > Test Product Search Key to confirm the connection.


Supported options with the Affiliate API:

  • Product level action “Get Info From Walmart” to get info from items that have WPID’s.
  • Inventory tab option “Add Product Via Walmart Marketplace” to create new SKU’s.
    • This option provides the user with 3 sources to search from:
      • Affiliate API (default)
      • The seller’s catalog 
      • The seller’s active listing report

Q: What info is pulled when using Get Info from Walmart?

A: List of properties included:

  • WalmartAPIProductTitle
  • ListPrice
  • SitePrice
  • WalmartAPIPriceUseDefault
  • UPC
  • LongDescription
  • ManufacturerSKU
  • Images

Q: What listing will the information come in from?

A: The information will come in from the listing associated with the item. This is indicated by the Walmart Product ID (appears under field “WPID” on the top of the Walmart properties page).

WalmartAPIWPID can’t be set using bulk update. It is auto updated from active listings report.

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