Add a New Product via Channels

Please read first! For information on this function in Sellercloud’s original interface, download this file.

Watch this video on adding new products via channels in Sellercloud’s new interface.

Check out this short video tutorial on adding products via channels in Sellercloud’s original interface!

Some channels, including Amazon, eBay, and Walmart Marketplace, have product catalogs that can be used to create products in Sellercloud. Products can be “pulled” together with product information, including description and images.

This feature is typically used to create products from other sellers’ listings. Importing your own existing listings from various channels into Sellercloud can be done in bulk with different methods for different channels.

Adding products from keywords

In Sellercloud, adding products via channels is different across different marketplaces. For Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, and eBay, you use keywords to search for listings on those marketplaces to pull from. For this guide, let’s explore Amazon.

This feature is only available to clients who have been approved for the Amazon Associates Program.
  1. Click Catalog > Add New Product.
  2. Use Creation via Channel > Select Channel. Select your Company.
    sellercloud creation via channel amazon
  3. Type in Keywords > Search.
  4. Select your products > Create Product.
    sellercloud choose your products channel products
  5. Input your product SKU > Add Product(s).
    sellercloud add product via channel finalize product

Adding product via eBay

When adding a product via eBay, the following will occur:

  • eBay Title, Images, Price, Ship Weight, and Dimensions (if available) will import
  • eBay category and Item Specifics will be added from the listing
  • The entire eBay description (Product Description and Description template) will import under a new description field Product Description. Because eBay bundles it all together, this cannot be used a regular description.
  • Shipping and Description templates will be created based on listing information, and applied to a the product. This occurs even if you have default shipping and description templates
Before adding the product, you can choose the warehouse where inventory is imported by using the Client Setting Set inventory when creating a local listing from eBay to warehouse. The default value is None. If you keep that value, the inventory of the listing will not be added to any warehouse.

Adding products via file

For channels such as Wayfair, Sears, Overstock, and Rakuten, adding products is done by uploading a file. Sellercloud supports excel, .csv, and .txt. For this guide, let’s look at Wayfair.

  1. Select Channel > Wayfair.
  2. Choose your Company.
  3. Add File > Upload File.
    sellercloiud add product via channel add file wayfair


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