Less than Load (LTL) Shipments to FBA

Please read first! This topic is about creating LTL inbound shipments to FBA in Sellercloud’s Delta interface. (For instructions in Sellercloud’s Alpha interface, download this file.)

Check out the tutorials below that take you through this entire process!

LTL non-partnered inbound shipment to FBA:

LTL Amazon-partnered inbound shipment to FBA:

See Sellercloud’s complete library of video tutorials on creating FBA inbound shipments.

You can use Sellercloud’s time-saving FBA inbound shipment creation wizard to create a less-than-load FBA inbound shipment quickly and easily.

The wizard guides you through each step on six tabs that clearly show the requirements and the shipment’s statuses during the process.

Sellers in Amazon’s Partnered Carriers Program can choose the LTL shipping method for their FBA inbound shipments. In this program, Amazon’s carriers will pick up and deliver your shipment at fixed rates billed to Amazon, which are then passed on to sellers as inbound transportation costs in the Amazon settlement.

After you add products, Amazon will preview your shipment and provide guidance on preparing your products for shipping.

Once you set a shipment to the “working” status, you can start packaging items and then configure the pallets. All shipments not delivered by small parcel carriers must be loaded on pallets.

Whenever ready, you can request Amazon’s shipping estimate for review and confirmation. Upon confirmation, Sellercloud generates package and pallet labels to print out in order for your LTL shipment to be accepted by an Amazon fulfillment center.

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